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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an organic process to improve a website’s visibility in Search engine results page by promoting keywords on the website. Given that this is organic, it is time-taking and needs continuous efforts to not only improve but also maintain the rank. However, a page with a high-ranking will attract maximum traffic as it is the most likely to be clicked on for the keyword searched. Also, visitors know that a certain webpage is ranked high because the search engine deems it most relevant to the keyword searched and not because it is paid for which boosts credibility of the web page. Nearly 35% of all web search traffic goes to the top-listed search result.

SEO, however, needs a very systematic approach and needs to time for fruition. Successful SEO often starts with choosing the right keywords and analyzing them for competition in the target market before architecting a strategy. For instance, the line between high keyword density and keyword spamming is thin where the former is desirable and the latter is counter-productive.

Search Engine Optimization

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Exceptionaire has successfully helped its clients reach top ranking in popular search engines, even for keywords with highly competitive keywords with getting many of our customers’ web pages on rank #1 of google. We ensure that our clients see a steady stream of visitors coming organically from search engines.

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