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When Alec Brownstein, a senior copywriter, wanted a change of job, he did something completely out of the box. He targeted 5 creative directors and bid on their names on Google AdWords. His ideology was that if he googles his name occasionally, it was quite possible would do so too. As it turns out, his was the only bid. It is said that out the 5 directors, he was contacted by 4 of the directors for an interview and got 2 job offers for a total campaign spend of $6!

Unlike Search engine optimization, search engine marketing or Paid search marketing is essentially getting paid listings on the search engine meant to entice the customers into clicking them.

Search Engine Marketing

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This is a very focused approach as the user can choose what kind of audience they want the ad to be displayed to. So essentially paid search marketing connects the marketer directly to searchers seeking what the marketer has to provide. Marketers can choose from different types of paid search campaigns such as Pay-per-click and Cost-per-impression campaign. A paid search campaign needs to be carefully devised to ensure that desired ROI levels are reached. Exceptionaire has successfully devised paid search campaigns for its customers with ROIs as high as 300% for our customers.

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