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Go To Market Strategy

No matter how unique a product idea is or how solid its development framework, in order to succeed, it must be marketed well. Product Marketing begins with a launch strategy that defines the target audience, marketing channels, GTM timing and spend per channel. It is imperative that a product is launched at the right time if not it is not uncommon to see a competitor get ahead in the race and capture the market before we realize what hit us. The right product launch strategy focuses on formulating the right mix to strike the perfect balance between Investment and Customer Acquisition for each channel. Product launch is not an isolated event but rather happens in stages. Product launch activities include pre-launch, launch and post-launch activities, all of which are equally important and need to be strategized well in order to propel the product into the market. Each of these stages leverage certain marketing channels depending on the nature of the product. Commonly used marketing channels are Social media, paid ads, Email marketing, Search engine optimization, Affiliate Marketing etc. Each of these channels operate differently with varying ROIs and acquisition costs. It becomes imperative to strike the right balance between channels used in terms of marketing spend and expected results.

Product Launch Strategy

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Exceptionaire, equipped with a highly experienced in-house digital marketing team, helps clients work out the right mix for a marketing spend, campaign risk and expected outcome. It is important to assume risks as it is the risky channels that yield the fastest results. However, investing in safer channels is prudent in order to mitigate some of the risk, while keeping in mind slower rate of return. Exceptionaire comes on board as a launch partner and has successfully designed launch strategies for our clients with an optimum mix of high and low risk channels ensuring that optimum results are reached. Feel free to reach out to us on to better understand how we can be the right technology partner that you have always been searching for..!!

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