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The eventual success of any product is largely driven by how strong its concept architecture is. The right Product Consulting can go a long way in ensuring that the product not only caters to the intended audience but also creates hitherto unearthed value for them, thereby driving not only the innovators and early adopters towards it in swarms but also creating a strong pull for the rest of the customer segments.

Having said this, right product consulting also needs to ensure there is no need for a futile reinvention of the wheel. Some of the most successful products today are not brand new or original but simply better, more intuitive, user-friendly and creates more value for the user. Stand out examples for this is the Google Search Engine or Facebook. Google did not invent the search engine but simply made a better version as compared to all existing ones. Likewise, Mark Zuckerberg just added more value to the existing concept of social networking to the extent that we cannot even say the rest is history as there is something new every now and then, no matter how tiny or big.

By definition, conceptualization phase of a project occurs in the initial product design process when the scope is drafted and a list of features and requirements is created. Product consulting plays a crucial role here to ensure that this list is all-encompassing building the foundation for the success of the product or solution.

Product Consulting

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Product consulting is a very responsible activity and requires in-depth understanding of the dynamics and potential of the product as well as being abreast with the latest technology platforms to ensure the right strategy is designed for the execution of the technology plan, especially from a stand point of flexibility to accommodate real-time customization and change management.

For Exceptionaire, the challenge of right product consulting is an opportunity to build yet another success story. With experience of working with both early stage start-ups & multi-million dollar corporations, it is safe to say that Exceptionaire has been there, done that. Having worked with individuals & enterprises spread across multitudes of industry verticals, cultures, time zones & markets we have come to have a deep understanding of the business ecosystems and its driving factors. This puts us in the driver’s seat when it comes to consulting with our clients on the Product/solution formulation strategies.

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