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Mobile App Development in the Saas World

Mobile has come a long way from being just a communication channel to being an information channel. Advancement in communication technology and information technology has presented us with another channel for accessing real time information coming from every possible nook & cranny on the globe delivering web content, applications and real time connectivity with people & systems that hitherto were residing in silos.

Mobility is the most disruptive innovation that enterprises are embracing today. Mobility empowers businesses to have access to business processes, customer requests, sales pipeline real-time & taking informed decisions on the move without having to be bound by desks. This immensely powerful innovation presents its own challenges whilst leveraging it to adapt to the current business processes. Having real time access to highly sensitive business information, besides its sheer power, can be risky as well, involving security threats.

Mobile App Development

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Apart from being integral to businesses, penetration of mobile apps in everyday life is growing by the hour- be it grocery shopping, expense tracking, fitness lessons, navigation, social networking, you name it and there is are multiple apps live on the app stores doing all this and much more. Given this, it becomes even more important to ensure that apps are built in an extremely user-friendly fashion with a high focus on user experience as there are multiple apps around the corner doing exactly that, presented better or with additional functionalities that waiting to capture a bigger market share.

Exceptionaire, through its years of experience, has gained strong domain expertise in enterprise mobility right from ideating to architecting & integrating the mobile system with the existing enterprise platform thereby forming a seamless synergy and building an ecosystem that’s not just completely secure but also extremely robust, adaptable & scalable to the growing demands of the organization. In addition to enterprise level applications, Exceptionaire has also been an integral part of the successful product journey of consumer applications with focus on the right features, design and user-friendliness. Apart from enterprise mobility, through our mobility suite of offerings, Exceptionaire helps its customers with

  • Enterprise Mobility solutions
  • Mobility Consulting services
  • Native & Hybrid application development
  • Mobile website solutions

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