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Understanding effective, efficient online marketing

With the advent of the internet, today anyone with an internet connection is a potential customer for brands. A logical outcome of this is to leverage this humongous reach to carry out marketing activities. Internet marketing has quickly grown into a very effective, focused and dominant advertising medium. For an internet marketer, the world is his canvas, so to say. Internet Marketing has assumed a lot of importance in the last decade since it allows brands or companies to adopt a very focused approach with respect to their marketing efforts. Also, given that major brands today are global, internet marketing facilitates reaching out to a scattered global audience.

Essentially it empowers businesses to expand their outreach exponentially. In addition to this, by virtue of being quantifiable, internet marketing enables marketers to analyze the performance of various campaigns. This has made internet marketing the fastest growing marketing medium today and is set to surpass it counterparts by the end of the decade. The world’s largest ad agency holding company, WPP, reportedly invested over $3 billion in advertising with google.

Internet Marketing

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Despite the vast potentials of internet market, if not harnessed right, it will be all but a white elephant. Being a Digital product success partner, we ensure that our customers do not rely on a singular marketing activity but rather have their budget strategically distributed amongst various targeted activities to mitigate risks and maximize returns. To this end, we design the most effective internet marketing plans for our customers in line with their budgets and goals such that there is an optimum mix of marketing channels.

The different activities in the ambit of internet marketing are –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing/Paid Search
  • Social Media Marketing

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