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The convergence of technology and the health and fitness industry is unmistakable. It has had an enormous impact on every strata of this industry. There is an app for virtually everything- right from monitoring the heart-rate, tracking calories and activity, virtualizing fitness training to name a few. Mobility being a global phenomenon and social media accounts surpassing the billion user mark has also majorly aided in the renewed interest in health and fitness products and customers today want to share everything and even collaborate on their goals. New mobile wellness applications mushroom every other day.

Healthcare & Fitness

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Wearable technology has taken the industry by storm facilitating instant gratification to users- be it knowing how long one has slept, how many calories one has burnt, how many steps on has taken or how long one has cycled. This ensures that consumers are completely hooked-in. On-demand access to professional health-care information and medication has increased awareness of patients around the world. Internet in fact has now become the biggest source of medical information. Consulting world-class healthcare professionals is now just a matter of a few taps on a smartphone.

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