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Fashion & Beauty Industry Outlook

The growth of the Fashion and Beauty industry is parallel to the growth and penetration of the internet. Technology has irrevocably transformed the dynamics of the Fashion and Beauty industry making it hugely digital centric by being accessible to a wide spectrum of customers. This industry previously relied on traditional media forms such as print, TV and radio entirely for advertising and brand communication. But thanks to technology, a big chunk of this is online. Technology has made it possible for brands to now market their products to a global audience while at the same time customize their copy to suit the sensibilities of the local audience making it more relatable. Also, today technology has enabled brands to micro focus on customers based on their own likes, dislikes, dwell times and so on thanks to advanced analytics. Also, the convergence of the physical and digital worlds through augmented reality has benefitted this industry immensely with customers now being able to even see how a certain product will look on them.

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A platform like Instagram which is predominantly a photo-sharing social networking platform is proving to be a boon to fashion and beauty brands by virtue of it having a global reach, yet being easy-to-consume for the audience. Owing to the enormous following of celebrities, brands can now leverage these platforms to have celebrities don the role of influencers to their following on the platform. This is just the tip of the iceberg of how technology has changed the face of fashion and beauty.

Exceptionaire has worked with both fashion and beauty start-ups as well as the global leaders in this space delivering world-class products. Some of the solutions we have developed include-

  • Customizable apparel platform
  • Web Application for personalized jewelry
  • Luxury brands e-commerce platform
  • Fashion and beauty services marketplace

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