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The entertainment industry predominantly consists of Music, Movies, Gaming, Sports etc to name a few. Given the meteoric rise of smartphones and other handheld devices and the increasing amount of time spent by the target audiences on these devices makes it imperative to ensure that these means of entertainment are brought to them at the tap of a finger.

Testimony to this is the fact that today a user can watch tv channels, movies, listen to music, tune into radio, play games etc all on a single handheld smartphone. With technology capabilities being dynamic, it is important that companies keep up with the latest trends. We live in a world where Spotify has conveniently substituted the need for us to shop for the latest CDs or clandestinely download it from the net. Pokemon Go became an overnight international sensation because it presented as the perfect amalgam between gaming and the latest technology bringing about a convergence of the real and virtual world by being brilliant example of augmented reality in creating a completely new user experience.


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Exceptionaire has partnered with Top Entertainment companies and have both conceptualized as well as delivered with certainty winners for our clients. Our portfolio of work in this sector includes architecting and developing an augmented reality mobile application for a fast-growing Australian start-up in the kid’s web presence of a leading American Entertainment Magazine that now has over a million annual visitors.

Our offerings in this space includes-

  • Augmented Reality Apps

Feel free to reach out to us on info@exceptionaire.com to better understand how we can be the right technology partner that you have always been searching for..!!

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