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While Enterprise Applications are typically large softwares developed to operate in an enterprise level setting (read large corporates) connecting various functions and processes of the business, Enterprise Mobility has rapidly gained importance with the heavy permeation of mobility across the world. Mobility is the most disruptive innovation enterprises are embracing today.

Even though the user base for Enterprise Applications is predominantly B2B, however, it is the employees that are the intended users for these applications which is one of the primary reasons for the growth of Enterprise Mobility, given the meteoric rise of smartphone and tablet users in the last decade. As more employees feel the need to use these applications outside of an office setting- either on customer site, on the field or during travels, Enterprise Mobility becomes even more critical as they will need to access corporate data and information on the go. Implementing enterprise mobility is pivotal to the growth of any enterprise as in today’s hyperdynamic business environments, decision-making solely stands on technology where closing or losing could just be seconds apart. According to sources, (https://fliplet.com/blog/enterprise-mobility-trends-and-facts/) by 2015, the number of employees who use mobile devices for work surpassed 1.3 billion with an annual gained productivity of a whopping 240 hours.

Enterprise Mobility

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This is particularly important for those companies that have a lot of their employees on the field as Enterprise Mobility has, for all intents and purposes, given wings to a business that is now no longer bound to an ambit. An example of this is Merck which is a $44 Billion pharmaceutical giant that not just initiated mobility within its sales team but went all out and mobile-enabled the entire enterprise by building a company-wide mobile network.

Exceptionaire, through its years of experience, has gained strong domain expertise in enterprise mobility right from ideating to architecting & integrating the mobile system with the existing enterprise platform thereby forming a seamless synergy and building an ecosystem that’s not just completely secure but also extremely robust, adaptable & scalable to the growing demands of the organization. Through our mobility suite of offerings, Exceptionaire helps its customers with

  • Enterprise Mobility solutions
  • Mobility Consulting services
  • Native & Hybrid application development
  • Mobile website solutions

Feel free to reach out to us on info@exceptionaire.com to better understand how we can be the right technology partner that you have always been searching for..!!

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