Digitization to Digitalization to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the leveraging of digital resources and capabilities (read right technology solution) to automate processes of the entire ecosystem of a business to achieve efficiencies like never before. To put it simply it could mean anything from developing an intuitive, SEO- friendly and fully responsive website to building complex enterprise level software solutions.

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Digital Product Life Cycle

Given the age we are in, for a product or solution not being digital is equivalent to existing in the ice age. With the advent of digitization, nothing that exists in silos is sustainable. Connectivity is now the norm and even someone on the moon with an internet connection becomes a prospective customer to any business. Simply put, this evolution of the format of representation of information from paper to paperless forming a network of virtual data-sets that become inputs to complex algorithms leading to more accurate decision making lays the foundation of digital transformation. Digital Transformation of a product or a productised service is a very methodical process that follows the streamlined progression of-

  • Identifying the Problem
  • Defining the Need & dependencies
  • Creating Functional Requirements
  • Building an MVP (Proof of Concept)
  • Creating User Centric Designs with latest concepts like design thinking
  • Product Development
  • Product Launch
  • Product Support

Agile Development Methodology tightly knits these individual components together for faster execution without compromising on quality & timelines embracing customer feedback.

A simple example of digital transformation is digitally ‘intellifying’ data using analytics that is otherwise just another piece for information that no one gives a second thought to. Consider this example for instance- Statistics confirm that 60% of people who went to a certain coffee shop also bought greetings cards from the gift shop next door. By any stretch of imagination, it is difficult to establish a connection between coffee & greeting cards. But armed with this data the coffee shop got a small section built for greeting cards within their store that substantially increased the footfall. They may have had the budget but were not able to read data and identify the trend.

Digital Transformation

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Key organizational challenges to remain competitive include increasing operational efficiency, striving for a progressively increasing top line and effective use of information for competitive advantage. These are not technology but business challenges that are pivotal to the success of a business. Leveraging technology to solve these business challenges is key to a smarter business functioning. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, so to speak, the right digital transformation solution, done the right way, at the right time can save millions, notwithstanding the competitive advantage in the race to be the best in the industry.

Our years of experience working with both start-ups and well established enterprises have helped us identify business problems and architect the right digital transformation strategy with guaranteed savings. Having worked with individuals & enterprises spread across multitudes of industry verticals, cultures, time zones & markets we have come to have a deep understanding of the business ecosystems and its driving factors. Through our Digital Transformation practice we offer

  • Mapping current business processes
  • Identifying gaps that cause latency & low productivity
  • Proof of Concept (POC) of the desired digital transformation strategy with the right technology solution mimicking the processes and deriving guaranteed savings
  • Detailed technology solution architecture and deployment plan
  • Agile development methodologies for fast time-to-market
  • Criticality, priority & ongoing support plan
  • Migration plan
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