The Divorce Law Firm

The leading divorce law firm based in Mumbai/Pune specialized in “divorce cases” is committed to serving clients in a wide range of areas in Mumbai/Pune. They approached Exceptionaire to build their online presence to attract more eyeballs and expand their business to become a top demanding lawyer in the state. We at Exceptionaire, provided a detailed digital marketing plan to achieve these goals.

  • To create a comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Overcoming the rivalry and getting a website designed for the search engine to rank in the top positions.
  • Improve user-friendliness, make it more informative and drive more traffic.
  • Creating social media presence, posting customer engaging content regularly, & driving the potential clients to the website.
  • We created, developed, designed and launched a website.
  • We created a strong web presence in order to be able to quickly index the web pages on search engines.
  • We did on page & off page optimization to boost significant traffic to the site as well as achieve top keyword ranking in major search engines.
  • We also expanded the digital footprint by making a trans-formative presence across major social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram

After our endless efforts to deliver the best, Client’s business got better visibility online and the lawyer is getting a lot of inquiries and traffic trough search engines. Business of the law firm got doubled and we had optimized website as per search engines, that’s why it is ranking on first page of search engine, Google.

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