Fortune 100 Automobile Company

A leading automotive components manufacturer based in Japan wanted to build an exhaustive backend system for its staff for global use. The company had multiple locations across countries and wished for its staff to access a country-wise backed to search and look up vehicle parts based on various parameters like type, model, year of manufacture and so forth They approached Exceptionaire to build this system that can be deployed across their multiple locations to be used by their staff.

  • To incorporate huge amount of data into the system.
  • To clearly present the information related to all parts.
  • To create an extensive user management system.
  • To go live on a windows server
  • To simplify product data upload
  • To reduce lead time for engineers in looking up for parts.
  • The company required a sizeable amount of data to be incorporated into the system- about 20,000 different products. Each of these products had to be classified into categories and sub-categories for instance, type of car, brand of car, year of manufacture and so on. Users were given the ability filter and search for specific products from the database.
  • We built a resource section in the website where every part was listed with a PDF attached to it that had images and description. This PDF can be viewed/downloaded by users. Also, to make information relevant for users, they were designated by Geography such that users belonging to a certain geography may only view data related to that geography.
  • The customer wanted to build an extensive user management system into the site to ensure that restricted usage is given to users depending on their user level. The site admin can now give privileges to various user-levels that will determine who can view data, who can download data, what parts can one search for and view, country specific news and so forth.
  • We built a LAMP-based website on a Windows server.
  • We built a system to provide for product data uploads through an excel file. The system can import product parameters from the file.
  • The customer also had an issue with the time spent by employees in looking up for parts from the system. Looking up a certain part on the existing system took about 15 minutes. So 4 parts through the course of the day added up to an hour of his time just in looking up parts. We then built a system wherein the employees could look up for any part on an android tv that was deployed on all floors by just entering their 4-digit pin. Also, employees could use their pin across any location/floor ensuring that the time consumed in looking up for parts is reduced drastically.

The customer site now has an improved and efficient data management system and enhanced connectivity between overseas employees.

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