Equipment Compliance Management System

After having been a client to an Oilfield Equipment Management system of one of the world’s leading oilfield services company’s software, the customer decided to develop a custom solution for themselves that suited their processes and limitations.

This is an equipment compliance application for use in oil rigs. Given the physical environment where connectivity is bare minimum close to nil, we deployed a local system that powered the application and synced to the cloud based on push and pull triggers from the main server.

The software is designed to be an ERP for equipment on an oil rig and has 3 components-

  1. Cloud based administration UI which is always online
    • Responsible for user management, Data Import and Export
    • Controls Inspection, Corrective Action and all frameworks used throughout the system
  2. Encrypted and installable version on client computers
    • This can sync to the cloud admin and functions both online as well as offline.
    • Can generate work scope/report and push to device app
    • Data entry of new items as well as calculation of expiration of certs based on available data
    • Extensive notification system where emails are sent per defined tasks and equipment status shared with relevant users on triggers such as expiration.
  3. Device Mobile App
    • This is predominantly a data collection tool that can function both online and offline
    • Syncs to client computer and access to several interface formats
    • RFID capability as well as digital signature.

The Software provided oilfield services solutions to handle the work assignments and database to keep track of tasks defined and allow Super User to inspect about tasks falling under various states and in no time take an action on them. With a strong Notification Module all the relevant users allocated with tasks based on their status receives notifications and do the needful. An App addition is planned for the Supervisors at the rig site where connectivity is bare minimum to ensure jobs can be allocated, monitored and status updates will be enabled with Push and Pull to the cloud at regular time Intervals.

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