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With most magazines and publishing houses going digital, the biggest challenge they face is in migrating data. One of the leading magazines for mixologists was looking to expand their horizon beyond physical pages. Not satisfied with being comfortably perched on a large customer base for their physical magazine, they wanted to explore the digital media with a mobile application for IOS & Android users.

However, the turn-key solution they used though was costing then thousands of dollars for every publication. They came to Exceptionaire with a need to build a proprietary system that would help them save on this cost which mounted to tens of thousands of dollars annually.

  • To have razor-sharp images in the app and not compromise on the quality of the image.
  • To not have to upload a separate app for every subsequent publication.
  • To manage complex app functions
  • To integrate disparate components into the app.
  • To ensure the app renders well on all types of android devices.
  • Razor-sharp images did not come easy as each image was over 1gb in size which was not feasible. We had to reduce the size without compromising on the quality. In order to achieve this, we refrained from storing the images in the database but instead gave it a path from where it could be called from the server and accessing on the path allows for a lesser loading time as well as a low memory usage. This also ensured that the database size was in check. In essence, we built the system in such a way that we were not calling the image each time but were only calling the link by putting it on the server rather that the database.
  • We built a system that would allow to create the entire magazine on a web server and the push it to a mobile environment. This saved the company from the hassle of having to upload a separate app for every publication.
  • The app called for complex functions like lightbox gallery, slideshow with a fancy flash-like transition effects, thumbnail navigation, pop-ups within text boxes, image transition, and scroll within a scroll and so on. We built a comprehensive CMS to ensure all these functions could be incorporated seamlessly.
  • All components on the app had to be integrated with a pixel level accuracy to get an optimum view for the user- text boxes, images and rolling images, banners, sliders within a page and so on.
  • While this wasn’t a challenge for the iPad as the display size is standard, however, it became quite challenging in the case of android devices. This was because Android device manufacturing was not centralized and companies started coming up with a myriad of screen sizes. We matched the magazine for each android device display.

A whopping 66% cost reduction in publishing magazines. We helped the client in cutting down the time and cost required to create the magazine which eventually increased the productivity.

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