Diagnostic Decision Support Tool

Software that will serve as a Decision Support Tool with the aim of easing the process to read labs and make a diagnosis. In order to do this, it was important to codify or standardize Physician knowledge base which consisted of a massive database of biomarkers and symptoms. This was necessary for Physicians to run correlations amongst different biomarkers in a patient to arrive at the right diagnoses.

  • Lack of standardization in the interpretation of labs among physicians.
  • Lack of centralization and analysis of patient data and medical history.
  • Choosing the right technology solution best suited for the requirement.
  • Ability to accommodate a massive database of biomarkers and symptoms as well as run correlations between chosen biomarkers.
  • To be able to capture patient data from various sources including APIs and manual entry from the lab.
  • We built a data driven Decision Support Tool that was able through which the Physician was able to create his repository of biomarkers.
  • Each biomarker included the category, details, image to help in comparison, files/links for quick reference, reference ranges including parameters such as gender, age, ethnicity.
  • An advanced search engine was built to enable querying of biomarkers.
  • The database to be ever-evolving with continuous analysis of millions of patient records and diagnoses to make intelligent predictions.
  • Labs and vendors can be onboarded on the platform and patient reports from the labs could be fetched to the system through APIs as well as manual entry in the absence of an API.
  • The system was also built with a Patient Management System to manage patients and map patient records, visits and diagnoses.
  • The key to the system was the ability to run comparisons between any chosen biomarkers for a patient to view graphically the correlations between the biomarkers. This facilitated the diagnosis process by making it simpler for the Physician to read labs as the data is now standardized as well as presented in a holistic fashion.

Exceptionaire architected the digital transformation of the client’s vision and need into a tangible software that can support an enormous and ever-evolving data base of biomarkers to help facilitate informed diagnostic decisions.

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