Art Glass Paperweights Company

The finest antique and contemporary paperweights gallery and museum in Chicago, Illinois, for over 40 years is the most expansive and largest collection of antique paperweights anywhere. Doing business through museums and galleries from 1969, they came to Exceptionaire in order to increase their digital footsteps. Exceptionaire not only created a strategic marketing plan to increase website traffic and visibility but also help to boost sales exponentially.

  • Increase Traffic:

The first concern was how to drive more quality traffic to the website. Having a website with such a niche category makes it hard to rank the website higher in the search result and drive organic traffic to the site.

When we started working the social Media appearance was null, which makes it more challenging for us.

  • Boost Sales:

Driving a website traffic is one task, but the second important task comes in when you have to convert that traffic into leads. It was really a work to boost sales of a website which is having traffic with such narrow interest.

  • The target was clear that to emerge above the competition, make a search engine optimized website, and place a website at a position where it’ll appear at the top for all relevant keywords.
  • We created a strong web presence so that the website could be easily indexed on search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • We created, developed and launched A traditional and interactive marketing plan created specifically to drive qualified leads back to the website.
  • Working hard for on page & off page optimization to attract large amount of traffic to the website, we actually achieved top rank on major search engines. We also expanded the digital footprint by making an impactful presence across major social media.

The company is now really dominating the 1st page ranking for the relevant keywords in just 4 months. With having such a niche business category, the website has now achieved monthly traffic from a few hundred to thousands.

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