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Gone are the days when people had to sift through telephone directories to find the number of a restaurant. Now all they have to do is look up online for the restaurant or cuisine they want. Restaurants are now in a rat race to feature on top for their desired key words. One such leading, 90 year old Italian fast food restaurant with over 3500 yelp reviews wanted to set-up an online ordering system. However, the catch here is that the system had to be smooth and seamless considering the fact that the restaurant had upwards of 10,000 combinations of breads, condiments, toppings etc for customers to choose from.

With this objective in mind, they set out to look for an organization that could successfully materialize what they had envisioned. This is where we stepped in. We made a decision to build a very simple system with an intuitive navigation that would enable customers to complete their orders in a jiffy, yet not be overwhelmed by the choices galore.

  • Allow for a complex menu with a combination of over 10000 products
  • Handling high volumes of concurrent traffic
  • Handling nearly half a million orders annually
  • Maintaining a common inventory
  • Custom-calculation of prices
  • Proper storing of customer information
  • Managing traffic from handheld
  • To ensure orders are processed only during store timings.
  • Increase digital footprint
  • Considering the complex menu, the system needed to have the ability to run complex queries. We build a database architecture that could accommodate upwards of a million products which ensured that the system ran is a lag-free and smooth manner
  • We built a highly customizable but easy to use backend which enabled them to:
  • Update products
  • Update customization options for each product
  • Set a price for each product in the list and customizations as well
  • We built a strong CMS-based system that could effortlessly handle a traffic of more than 200 concurrent users.
  • In order to be able to process a large number of orders through the system, we built the system with a custom engineered database solution to ensure that it returns results quickly and efficiently without any lags.
  • For smooth running of operations, maintaining a single inventory is a given. We integrated the system to the in-store POS. Also, a bar code reader was used to take inventory which was integrated with the website backend thereby ensuring the system reflected the correct numbers.
  • For the system to succeed, it was imperative that prices are custom-calculated according to the customer’s multi-layered choices of bread, toppings, fillings, condiments, sizes etc. from a sum-total of upwards of 10,000 combinations. We ran a complex query to calculate the prices based on choices made by the customers. This was made possible because of the complex database structure in place that housed all possible permutations and combinations.
  • We integrated a Customer Relationship Management system into the website to ensure that customer records, actions and transaction histories are properly recorded. This also enabled the restaurant to run customer loyalty programs based on the information. For instance, offering the customer a discount on their birthday/anniversary/10th purchase etc.
  • Though challenging to achieve, given that the cart-size would change dynamically depending on the customers’ choice, i.e., 1000 orders a day is literally 1000 different cart-sizes, we still made it a perfectly responsive site that renders well across all devices. This involved testing on a massive scale with the system being tested on 20000 usecases.
  • The site is auto-programmed such that customers will be able to place their orders only during a desired time-window
  • Our SEO efforts resulted in the website achieve top ranking in local search results for the desired keywords. We also ensured that the restaurant made its mark across major social media platforms.

The store now offers complete online ordering option with more than half of their customer-base opting for the online mode rather than through the store.

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