Highly Interactive Augmented Reality App

An Australian toy manufacturing company was looking to materialize its ambitious project and was looking for the right technology partner to give wings to its vision. The company manufactures DIY kids’ fridge magnets where children follow instructions and piece together a puzzle to create the final character. The company was looking at taking this concept forward by digitizing it to make it more interactive by creating a fun and educational app for children. But the app needed to be both interactive and dynamic as kids have a very short attention span. It needed to scan the character put together by the kid and throw up a virtual reality character that came with a different story every time in the form of an image, activity or audio. The company wanted to build a system that will allow for infinite number of stories each time so that every time the character pops up, it has something different to offer to the kids. This is when they contacted Exceptionaire through the latter’s social media account.

  • Choosing the right technology solution best suited for the requirement.
  • Ability to accommodate infinite number of products and corresponding stories.
  • To gamify the whole experience so as to hold the interest and attention of the kids
  • To reduce the development cost
  • To be able to develop and upload the app within the hard deadline set, as the project was already behind schedule
  • The customer had spoken to a dozen other companies and each came up with different solutions. None of which could economically accommodate consistent story and product updates. However, Exceptionaire was not only able to put together a solution using wikitude SDK for virtual reality that fit the brief perfectly but also offered almost elastic scalability.
  • We built a system that had the ability to push new products or stories from a web backend onto the mobile app. This ensured that there was virtually no cap on the number of products or stories that can be used for each character.
  • We gamified the experience for children by creating a complete virtual experience. For instance, if the kid has put together a Santa Claus, scanning it will give life to a Virtual Santa on the app. This virtual Santa can give a Christmas gift to the kid, manifest into a game, throw up a message or anything that is conceptualized making it highly interactive
  • Since this app is of a ‘first-of-its-kind type’, the customer wanted to conservatively spend on the POC to test its effectiveness. Given this, we built the app on a hybrid platform to reduce the development cost by 40% in comparison to native apps.
  • As the customer was already behind schedule with this app, we had to meet a 1-month hard deadline set by the customer, who was personally present to oversee the development. The customer chose us from a possible 6 options and flew down all the way from Australia to meet with the team and ensure the plan is effectively put into motion.

The app is a pioneer in the industry being first-of-its-kind with the potential to take children’s toy industry by storm.

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